Maybe a shovel to dig plain ground for like an underground base with a trapdoor?

Maybe its kinda cool? :slight_smile:

Yeah BUT imagine everyone diggin’, whole map would be fkd in a matter of days…

There’d be no earth left.
Not to mention the current unity setup doesn’t support that.

Maybe like, you can only dig like 2/1 floor? And a bush to hide the trapdoor?

How about just no.

Nah, just kidding, but seriously that wouldn’t work.
But the idea is cool :slight_smile:


Thanks mate :smiley:

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Imagine a nice trenches ._.

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Or maybe a mountable 50 Cal?

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For a thousand of metal fragments? :rock:

O boy, the good old IIWW :smiley:

System like Wurm would be cool.


Perhaps a shovel could be used to bury stuff in an unmarked way. Dig once to bury, dig again in same spot to get it back. Not graphically intensive, since there’s nothing extra to render. Just a spot that if anyone happens to dig in, they get you stuff.

Yes yes yes!
Imagine, you could mark their places with charcoal on paper…

Unity terrain does support that.

Just a tile of cellar that could be placed on (under lol) 4x4 foundation would be fine.

I’m not 1000% sure on this, but that’s what a 2D game is…

Im talking about the standard unity 3d terrain.
Heres a vid from some dude who did it
in the desc he says the unity terrain is stored in a 2d heightmap array and can be edited in runtime to produce swag and swag accessories