Maybe big step too balance game.... SOLO VS GROUP

1400 hours on rust later, and maybe 3-4 hours pro day this last month in game , Whit this lot of experience and time putted in game, wanna try too explain what on my vision lot of problem too the gameplay take. ( or try … whit my engl… :/)

The real problem whit bp, is solo versus clan player, a clan whit 5 members ( example) take 2 days too study all the gun bp ( need only 1 bp pro gun ) , as solo player if barrel hunting time is the same and same is the luky too, take 10 days too study all the gun bp.

Note: group wo hunting barrels , discover and kill the solo player always. So maybe ( or sure for me ) , solo player need 15 days too got all bp.

The easy solution too this problem is ( on my vision) a max craftable number of weapons pro bp…
Maybe 5 guns pro bp ? …

Solo player 1 ak bp = 5 ak
5 team pl. 1 ak bp = 5 ak

If this happen , team need the same time wo need a solo player too kraft 5 Ak pro player…, stay more on map hunting barrels, got less time too make ton of c4 and destroy the solo players , solo players dont quit fast the server, the server go noth empty 1-2 days after wipe…

Y dont now if this solution is too easy or simply too stupid , buth maybe lot of problem are solved whit noth much work.

PLEASE DONT CONSIDER MY POOR ENGL IN THIS POST , Y WANNA TRY TOO HELP WHIT A LITTLE IDEA , THE BALANCE OF THIS GREAT GAME … 38 years old now , and after 25 years gaming got only too say Garry and team a BIG TANKS …

ok fire on me now :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re saying team players have an advantage over solo players. That’s part of the strategy in Rust: find players and work with them. You don’t HAVE to, but it makes the game a lot easier. And if you choose to play by yourself, the game won’t stop you … but it will be much harder. Just like in real life.

I hear you, but that will be you answer.
As of now there is no way for solo to be anything other than resource cows on populated servers.
The longer you survive and the more you fight back the more aggressive the clan or or their buddy clans get. Your solo cunning and survival is a threat to their egos. You’re doomed to be conquered asap. Of course you fighting until destruction is still fun, just not for the long term.

Play low pop servers. Which are typically solos, or accept the futile challenge with the gangs.

There are some creative posts on solo survival still, and hope for booby traps at some point, which may help, hell you can still get hours of fun out this game. Remember, might makes right.

That’s correct. If you choose to play solo, it requires a focus on evasion and stealth. That’s the way the game is meant to be played. Just as in real life, doing everything yourself requires more effort than being part of a team. Having said all that, I’ve found that a number of mid- and low-pop servers (look for peak population around the 20-40 range) tend to offer the best balance between safety and excitement. You can build and play, but don’t have to worry about getting raided.

I love the challenge as a solo player against all other.
But the focus of the challenge should be more in raiding, defend and combat instead of farming,crafting and building.
That is for me the main problem with Rust.

I like your idea a lot… the first two reply was certainly made by player who play in group and don’t want there advantage reduce… as alway’s :rolleyes:

Your idea could also apply to all blue print, not only gun… in the beginning after a fresh wipe, when you farm barrel we are reward with new blueprint, but after a couple day all you find is almost always junk because you already learn most BP and you only throw them away and get frustrated. With your idea it will be more rewarding because you will need to collect them to use them later.

But I put an Optimistic rating on your post… I like that… but nothing is made to try to balance a bit solo player versus group.

as a solo player, i get where you are coming from, but need to remind you that grouped players will always have the advantage over solo players; it shouldn’t be anything less. they get the advantage of being able to split tasks, greater attack/defensive power and can collect resources faster. they also have higher overheads, need a bigger base and find it harder to go unnoticed when moving around.

there shouldn’t be allowances made to improve the odds for a solo player because these will benefit a group exponentially. there shouldn’t be penalties applied for people working together, or building large bases, because they are artificial and destructive to immersive gameplay. besides, if you make it so only 5 guns can be made per bp, groups will just reduce to sets of 5 people. or get more bps.

Maybe my eng is under the schoes :)… Ym ok whit game , solo player = lev. Very hard on game … Small group = normal and big group = easy game.

Is my personal challenge and are no problem whit it, focus of my post are simply this =

After 2 week in game is game locked for Solo same too group player… Solo player run around full armo red , whi in the cheast waiting 20 ak… Large group farming farming and farming too make more c4 …

Easy targhett all are away from server , remaining veterana and group… And day after day u need 5 more c4 too see the loting room remaining…

Game is too easy for me wo got 15 day after wipe too farm , bp, try fight other solo and maybe small group… Buth ask your self what is your goal after a week .

My is only a proposal… Buth ym other tipe of player, ym super happy if wipe koming… And jump Over keiboard from happy if admin decide too apply a total wipe :wink: … Fun began again.

to me, this is proof that certain weapons should probably be loot only, not craftable. the ak is a good candidate, since it is quite powerful, but there are plenty of others. to me, if the flawed semi-primitive weapons were the mainstay of your arsenal, endgame wouldn’t be reached so easily by simply crafting 50 aks, 200 c4 and “winning the game”.

It will not balance not even a bit. 5 players with bow 1 player with ak, the player with ak will lose (only if he is master of aim), so he will lose it. Your idea will make only the game become a farm over bp.

As a only guy in my clan(of 3 people) getting bp, it takes 10 hours to finish everything important(i am a little lucky). The harder to get is pump shotgun, water pipe etc.

How do i do it? Just put sleeping bags outside rad towns. And 2 for barrels, one in winter, one in desert.

You have 1400 hours and you take 10 days to get all bp. you sir, should receive a reward. Stupid reward.

But dudes please this BP System is far from finished.
Dont waste time, get changed anyway.

Oh my god … yf you got time too go barrel huntin 10 hours consecutive ( funny lol… nice 10 hours sbang sbang over barrel or rad sound… ) is problably only whi your brothers farming, hunting ,crafting, and building home for u … right?
Y accept the stupid reward for sure , buth think the winner maybe are u :wink:

If you want to survive solo you have to be smart. Rushing into the open and shooting at a group of 5 guys should = death because that tactic is stupid and you deserve to die.

Even with a bow you can take out multiple people. Plan an ambush with snap traps and barricades. Find a place with lots of bushes and place barricades in them and snap traps between them. Leave a place for you to get in and out, and a bush to hide in. The roam around the perimeter and lure people in.

You can pop someone with an arrow, and if it’s a larger group they will most likely chase you. Run into your ambush area and take cover in your hiding spot. If you’re wearing burlap clothes, the burlap head wrap, and the hide poncho you’ll be pretty hard to spot in the bushes.

Sure you might die, but you’ll have a good chance to take them out.

Rocks are also great place for ambushes and traps. You can create an area of dead ends with barriers, make a place where you can climb out, then when people follow you in run to the entrance and drop another barrier. Trapped like fish in a barrel!

Great short term fun. Being a baddie again :slight_smile:
I use abandoned bases as well, with open doors and lit furnaces and loot boxes with value in them which keeps them occupied inside for a while. Sometimes small groups enter and I spring from a hiding bush and set bear traps which make a great greeting card upon exit. Not everyone escaping with loot watches where they walk.

Ahhh! I’m using that one next. I haven’t really set up a good trap house yet that’s just for ambushing people.

Tweaks to help solo players should be about surviving with less, not about trying to achieve gear/resource/tech parity. Lower tier firearms, noncombat perks for eschewing higher tier items for extended periods of time, and persistent hidden caches and bolt-holes would give solo play the option to be about survival and quick recovery rather than trying to compete in an arms race.

Mate, solo player dont need help , what ym proposing here is something too change the game routine after few days…

For group is actually only farming and crafting c4 , and raid other base 90% time whitout defense, whi the builder / or more are sleeping.
If this is fun for you ym ok whit the game

Dude, one player is 10 x better than fifty-four noobs.
I was playin on legacy rust as a 3 ppl team, we had on this server 25 players team which made 5 maybe 7 huge as hell houses /they were live on one side of forest, we had our house at other side. /near big radtown/

We didnt crush them but we spend 140+ c4 to steal their stuff from 2 houses.
We also made 2 houses, one safe house in place where noone spawn/workbuild and another to fight them.
They raided us every day without c4 just for a shooting. After a 5 maybe 6 days these guys came with c4, we had no chance but we lost just the stuff what we had with our hands :slight_smile: they lost 50 + c4.
The same night/morning we build huge XX /our 3 ppl clan clan tag/ near theyre houses :slight_smile:
We were still in game, noone found our safe house also we had fun :slight_smile:
It was 70 onnline server, 40-50 at morning.
I wish to have some films from chat and fights vs them, 1 v 5 no problem - 2 times i won.

legacy is not new rust … in new rust a 3on1 gunfight is a pretty save loss

One player smashes faces vs3 noobs in every game, also mario and tetris.