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Remake of The Arrival
forgot to put some light on that truck on the right

You could probably turn up the anisotropic filtering, it doesn’t have hardly any FPS impact. Also, shadows? From the image, It looks like your computer isn’t really that strong, so it might not be a good idea.

Thats everything this laptop got

Is this a scenebuild?


don’t tell me you built this on flatgrass

Not in flatgrass. But in your scenebuild_dusk map

Well considering it was a scenebuild on Flatgrass (essentially), you did a great job!

All you need is some more practice and a better computer, you’ll do awesome! :smiley:

Pretty much nailed what I would do.


Scenebuild = great

posing = Meh.

Graphics = Turn everything to max right before you take the screenshot.

i see you forgot to use fog. here’s a protip: never forget to use fog or things will look flat and terrible like they do here

another protip: pick a dark map and build the lighting with lamps and lamps only if you don’t want to make your scene look like utter shit

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or alternatively use the dusk map but light up the foreground properly and leave the background the way it is (cover it up with fog a bit tho) because objects without shadows look terribad

Thanks. Everything is to the max, well, for my laptop

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I did tried putting up some fog, but I cant make a suitable look

I meant max settings in the game, not what your laptop can handle. Pose, and right before your screenshot, turn all the settings as high as they can go.

Edit: Also, she’s floating

Dude thats what i said that is the max, i cant turn up some of the settings because I cant see them

try again, you’ll get it right in no time and things will look much better. remember to make the fog color match the sky

No, they’re simply taking her first.