"Maybe we should've left before we burned the weed.."


I’m not sure how this one will come out to FP…I just thought Ghost’s eyes would work well.

It would have been better if they weren’t burning ferns. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no weed model. :confused:

Ghost looks high high

Is it just me, or are their heads 2 times the size of their bodies?

That’s the point. They’re “high”

They were gonna leave that place, but then they got high.

Ghost looks like one SERIOUSLY stoned bighead.

I usually fucking hate people who inflate ragdoll’s head and call that comedy, but here it kinda works.

I lol’ed have a funny.

It’s just you, don’t worry. Go get some more weed. :drugnerd:

Thanks, the inflator has some rare uses. I got the idea from a TF2 pose awhile back, so thank him :slight_smile:

christ on a bicycle those are some big heads

i lol’d anyways

I laugh so hard on this pic.


Burn the weed and get high!

That’s good. It’s actually on construct, and when I got this idea I couldn’t think of a good map for it, so I did a scenebuild. I thought it would fail badly actually.

All I can think to say is lol