Bet you weren’t expecting that >:D
If something’s wrong with editing or posing or anything, please tell me and suggest how I can improve :stuck_out_tongue:
Tell me what you want next, if you want anything else.
BTW, it’s gm_flatgrass

Don’t use Toytown or Simple DoF. Use the SDoF, and double click on the point your picture will center around. Also, fingerpose.

Oh woops. Edited the screenshot without SDOF.
Thanks for your advice though. Won’t use toytown and I’ll fix up my fingerposing, since I did fingerpose the hand holding the gun :stuck_out_tongue:

This sucks.

Thanks mate.
I don’t mean to troll, but why does it suck?

Really I think the 3D effect skybox is a bit cheap, it adds a red glow around the snipers arm. Not sure about the giant headcrabs.

But I can’t help but think about zombie C-130’s and Father Grigori with an AA gun. :v:

Why does the plane have cysts bulging out of it?

its so cheesy

Its so blurry I can’t tell whats going on.

Dramatic title, can’t almost handle the action.

I recommend you work a bit more on the composition. And colour spacing. The angle just isn’t too great and the whole thing looks sort of desaturated.

And as other have said, don’t use toytown unless you know when to use it. Use sdof, remember to click your point. (do it from personal view not camera) and don’t forget to press render.

Using some lamps wouldn’t also hurt.

Last but not least, I recommend you get some texture AA. You’ll have to force that in your GPU control panel though not source itself.