well i know base of modeling and i did some model for sbmp but i never done any ragdoll or human form in general
so if somebody can learn me give advice or simply do the model for me i really appreciate it

that’s what i try to do:
it s mayhem
a kind of … shark that appear on some album on lapfox

tell me if you need more picture but i didn’t find a lot

WHAT in the ffff… if you need a model you should get pictures of T pose for easier modeling

thats the big problem i don’t got any picture like you need and thats why i ask here
this one is the best i got

I would love to see this

yea that should be great as playermodel :smiley:
btw i asked to the designer if he have a t pose picture of mayhem
I hope that yes
he is a great designer he did a lot of creature like mayhem and renard the crazy fox

i could care less if it was a playermodel, i just want it as a good ragdoll

i think the most harder part will be the hair
if i did it i want to try to make hair with jig bones (i think it s called like that)

well i started to do it

I was actually thinking of this Character when I clicked on this thread, I’m both pleased and surprised.

Good luck bro, I’m sure the final product will please both Renard and Squeedgemonster.

lol i hope but my work is not really good and i gona need help for transform it into a ragdoll

Please do this. Mayhem has to be the best Furry band ever. - Yes, the character Mayhem comes from the band Mayhem. :colbert:

the metal band? o_-
i dont think so

i will use jiggle bones for hair and maybe the tail
but i never used jiggle bones so i try it with a simple cylinder and i got a problem
jiggle bones dont go in the good direction
when i pull or push the model jiggle rotate on them self when i push the model up and down jiggle go left and right…etc
i need help for this please

You think you can post a picture?

heh it s not finished yet and it s my first character and it s not a ragdoll yet
so i m sure people will say omagad this is crapy
but hum ok
anyway for my first character and when you know that my most advanced model befor was this
i think thats not to bad

That’s better than what I can do

i see that most of your post are about modeling so I am rather flattered ^^

well i still need help with jiggle bones

Hey, i don’t think Mayehm did any Heavy Metal. The mostly do Dubstep, Techno and Rave. Maybe i need to have another look.

yes i know but there is a heavy metal band called mayhem
and when you said Yes, the character Mayhem comes from the band Mayhem
i was thinking…
bah anyway