Mayjor Fuckage

My GarrysMod completely crashes as soon as I start it. All I did was replace a few texures with CS:S texures :s

Did I mayjorly fuck up? And is there anyway to fix this? :c

If you don’t know how to reverse the changes you’ve made, reinstall gmod.

How do I re-install? :s

Easy, right click on Garrys Mod in the Library list and click Delete local content, download it again. Its simple.

It always starts at 96%, and everything was the same.


I fixed the texure problem by finding a link on the google. But I think a add-on fuaked up my bin and hl2 file.

That’s not how you reinstall Garry’s Mod.

Go to wherever Steam is installed and delete (or rename if you want to backup) the “garrysmod” folder inside Steam/steamapps/USERNAME/garrysmod. Once you’ve done that relaunch it and you’ll have a nice clean GMod install.

“I fixed the texure problem by finding a link on the google. But I think a add-on fuaked up my bin and hl2 file.”

Delete those too then. Everything you need to play the game is stored elsewhere.

Missed that. Apologies.

I can’t see how an addon could do that, but try reinstalling (my method) and see if that works. If there’s any addons, saves, etc. you don’t want to lose rename the garrysmod folder instead of deleting it.

I was able to see what it was loading before it crashed.

“Setting Convar Defaults”

I deleted all the files inside Garrysmod and they remade themselves. I still don’t get why it still does that?

They’re supposed to remake themselves. That’s how you reinstall. If Steam finds those files missing it gives you some fresh new ones. If it’s still crashing there’s probably something else wrong.

Im starting to get mad. I deleted everything inside the Garrysmod folder, and it re-made itself. Is it possiable that something on computer is stopping it from working right?

it’s supposed to remake itself. Otherwise, you’ll have just the engine, no main menu or anything.

None of you what I’m saying, do you? I’m mad because it douesn’t work, not because the files come back :s

Have a box. All games using steam have the ability to re-create any missing files using the GCF.

OP has remade the Garry’s Mod files and it’s still not working, let’s work from there.

What are your specs? Do you have a Source game installed, for example Half Life 2?

I have all HL2 games, TF2, and Portal before it came free.

And it was working just fine 2 days ago.

Please respond, I are bored.