Mayor Menu/Console

Alright so my past releases were not the best… however i hope this is a comeback :smiley: But if not please do not hate! I feel like this is ready for release as it has all the features I wanted (for my server) so if you want more features please drop them in the comments!!! Thanks!!!

NOTE: Yes i know this has been done before and i wanted to make a free version… This is completely free written from scratch!

What is this?
This is a mayor console or menu… It will allow mayors to check up on his laws, employees, and city!

What are the current features?
1.) Nice GUI
2.) Check on the server economy
3.) Check how many people were arrested in your time as mayor
4.) Check how many people are wanted
5.) Manage players! You can want and warrant people right from the console
6.) Manage employees! You can demote and call your employees right from the console!
7.) Manage laws (add, remove, and reset)
8.) Use commands (custom command YOU add in the config)

What are the planned features?
1.) Well I started a project a while back of a police computer thing and without giving to much info about that away basically i want to integrate that into this… So you can check “records” of a player that is kept over time!
2.) Anything you would like! (post in comments)

Download Link:


Known bugs:
None at the moment (hopefully forever)

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I mean it is one of your better releases…prolly has exploits tho.

None the less good job.

You’re vgui looks awful. Also why are you trying to advertise your add-on though console? I haven’t bothered to look in the rest of your code im just going to assume its like the rest of your addons no offense.

Instead of giving him shit, you could tell him how to improve. I wasn’t good with VGUI myself.

XxLMM13xXx try to improve the sizes. You also should’ve added another square then blur, it looks a little naked without that.

By improving the sizes I mean like, add them to fit, they kind of like, are to big as they are on the very edges of it.

Lol I just did… He can improve his vgui I inferred that when saying it was awful. Another why are you advertising your add-on in console. Inferred he shouldn’t. Ayy see where this is going? Last part was true so I don’t see how you think I’m giving him shit but you have the right to your own opinion.

Saying its awful without good feedback does nothing besides put the creator of the script down lmao

Its a script advertisement in a script advertisement in the right subforum

Obviously you still don’t know what I mean by an advertisement I console…

You’ve gone from no security to too much security lol, this is better than your other stuff though so good job.

Thanks! Have you seen any exploits tho?

The dashboard looks REALLY bad yes but that will be fixed in future updates! And im not advertising anything… Im just saying my name and the addon name and the date of the project… Nothing wrong with that!

Will do thanks!

Thanks?.. and what…

I know i dont

too much?

Long words shortened, ignore Light_Magic lol.

Haha alright lol

Basically you’re sending a load of pointless net messages when there’s no potentially exploitable data been sent between client and server since you’re using DarkRPs default console commands. You can also retrieve money and wanted status of other players clientside so really you don’t need to network that.

Yeah I just wanted to make sure that I was not gonna get any “omg another exploitable addon by lmm shocker” but yeah I may downgrade the security

Why in the world would you click a button on the client that sends a net message to the server so that you can send a message from the server to the client to open a vgui window?

Science? And I probably did it for security

I add this on my server, tired of all other economy shit

Nice work, thanks mate

Awesome! Glad you like it. Check out my other addons!

It has potential but I feel like you’re rushing a lot of it, that’s probably your main issue as to why the GUI is (no offense) horrible, try putting more time and effort into it (not the security bits, but the styling).

Hopefully you re-do this one, or take time in your next project to make sure everything is near-outstanding.

“You’re” spelling is awful, don’t hate on him when you’re not perfect yourself.

Is that the real appledevdude?!? I remember you back from ulx haha thanks tho!