"Mazenholm: Combine Takover"

“Mazenholm is an old shipping facility that the Rebels used to use as a hideaway from the Combine. But, of course, the Combine sent Headcrab canisters to clear out most of the Rebels then came in to clear out the rest. They ended up by taking over most of the facility, and avoided the section with the last Headcrabs. The facility got it’s new name after the combine came: The ‘Maze’ part of the name because of all the doors and defenses that became code finding puzzles (the Combine lose stuff easily), and ‘enholm’ part because of all of the zombies.
Now you and any survivor Rebels must make your way through the facility and destroy the Combine base. Good luck.”

So this is just a little save game that could possibly become a map (or even a HL2 mod, Woohoo!). It’s being built by me on flatgrass currently.
It would be nice if some of you could give me some ideas for puzzles and other things.
All i’ve done now is the entrance of the facility: When you spawn on the concrete block, you normally turn around and see a sign saying “Welcome to Mazenholm! Enjoy your stay! Watch out for th. z… @$#%@!!!” The end is because the sign is messed up. After that, I have Connan’s Pressure Pads that are invisible, so that when you step on them, music will start to put a nice ambiance to the map. There are no Zombines, I’m sorry for all you Zombine fans… I just don’t have EP1 installed and i don’t feel like installing it.
I’ll just stop there for possibly some ‘suspense’…

Oh and this isn’t a ‘release’. It’s just that i can’t find another icon that would be good for this.

Zombies and headcrabs that suddenly jump out of ceilings and scare the shit out of people.
You enter a room, and unwittingly activate a pressure pad. All the doors lock, and you have five minutes to disable a wire explosive before you get turned in to lots of little pieces of mutilated flesh.
Tripwires, Tripmines (wire rangers, turrets, explosives etc.)
An autoturret corridor.

Oh yeah, thats an awsome idea. Thx. And also thx for posting… xD

I highly doubt anyone even looks at this thread anymore, but just in case, I was going to say that I’ll be posting some pics in a few hrs.

hmmm, this sounds real interesting. I tried making something like this. it got a bit glitchy though because (almost) all saves are glitchy.

I have one good idea though, a room where you have to look for an exit, the only exit you see is a vent in the ceiling and its covered by an air vent prop. you can then put props on the side, (preferably across the room) like a desk and a couch and a few boxes. but make them look a bit organised, so that they arent saying “hey look! stack us on top of eachother to get in the vent!”. you may have to test it out and see if it is possible to get up into the vent, and from there you can add or remove props until you have a good ammount of them so that the person can stack and still have one or two props left over.

oh, and its been a day and no pics >.<

Tough I have 0 creativity, I can say this looks like a really cool project :slight_smile:

I’ll try it as soon as it comes out, and I hope its not a if :frowning:

This sounds awesome. It’ll be like… The most awesome thing on earth XD
But really, this sounds nice.

One thing:
Helicopters. I mean, player enters a big outdoor place full of zombies and shit. Then, music starts (I recommend Sector Sweep) and an Helicopter pops in and starts to bomb the shit out of you. Put a rocket launcher hidden nearby or give the player the gravity gun and you got my help.
Robin William says: DO IT.

It looks cool good luck with it!

How cool would THAT be?? I really hope this ‘Mazenholm’ thing gets off the ground.

Sector Sweep plus helicopter? That was already done in Episode 2. Boring!

No. Basically what SHOULD happen is… you walk in, nothing happens for a few seconds… then the lights go off (apart from a few so you can see), zombies start attacking you, and it plays Self Destruction (like in Episode 1, where you underground? remember?).
Just an idea.

Sorry, but ive gaven up… Since everytime i put ragdolls, the next time i load the save, i find them crumbled in a ball in a corner… I think i might just make this a map. It will take longer, but it wont have as many problems.
But, Im not a good mapper… So if anyone could help out here, I’d be willing to give them credit or something.


Thats a pretty good idea Zuimzado. I might make that for the end. But maybe with combine too :)…

Well, I’ve done alot to the map now, but the only problem is I havent been able to test it… Its HL2 (the original one) that dosent seem to be working. If anyone can help, just say so

Well, the project will nver finish i guess… :frowning:
I can’t get anything to work, and I still suck at mapping…


its sad to see a project like this go to shit, here im a beginner at mapping too, try this site for tools http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/

and heres a guide for a L4D map, its stil lhammer so dont worry http://www.maximumpc.com/article/howtos/howto_make_left_4_dead_map_google_sketchup?page=0%2C0

also: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SDK_Docs

if i could map i would totally help you out, but this is the best i can do :slight_smile:

Sounds uncannily similar to Ravenholm. :slight_smile:
Good luck anyways!