Mazing Luascript Web Loader

It can load any script from a url!

lua_run_cl concommand.Add(“lua_webload”,function(p,c,a) http.Fetch(a[1],function(c,s) RunString© end) end)
lua_run_cl concommand.Add(“lua_webload”,function(p,c,a) http.get(a[1],’",function(c,s) RunString© end) end)
copy paste that shit into your console every map load, then you can run any script as long as you have the url to the raw file simply by typing the following into your console:

lua_webload "url"


  1. because I though lua_openscirpt_cl was borked (but apparently it’s blocked by convar now >_>)
  2. because fuck you

Congratulations on learning a bit of Lua, but I don’t really see the point of you posting this.

And this is useful…how?

why don’t use
[lua] lua_run_cl include(’~~~.lua’)[/lua]

That doesn’t work with URIs, does it? :pwn:

I wrote that for this.

“3) because fuck you”
Oh hey, it’s a troll again.

Cause my way was much more entertaining (and I got a few peolpe to quit their gmod with this :V ).

… and also cause I didn’t think of that…

Congratulations. You successfully combined 3 methods to do something utterly inefficient.


you’re missing a #2

That is part of the joke.