MC Model Pack

I won’t manage the thread…
So DO NOT BUMP (post) !!!
Download links are there:

noreciau atsisiust =D bet neturiu steam legalio kad galeciau is garrysmod >.>

sry moderators /

I don’t remember this being a Lithuanian forum.

with what program you created those models, do with XSI?

Looks decent. What’s with those missing-material blocks in the picture? Were those fixed?

missing textures are mentioned in bugs section (not fixed, just removed from spawnlist because you can simply color cloth model).
-Adobe Photoshop Cs3 + .vtf plugin
-Autodesk Maya v10

do in Autodesk maya v10 like make figure?, and export like SMD file or mdl?

I see that you have multiple textures in obe vtf. Can I apply one of these textures to an entity in E2?

I thought about Motorcycle Club model pack when I saw the title, not this that is already released million of times

Misleading title… fuck you

And who else would think Motorcycle Club?

I put that in Google Translate and that’s what i got. it appears you said you don’t have a legal Gmod?

Are you going to rip tool/weapon models? Maybe even make sweps?

Maybe he said he dosent have Minecraft so will use this in garrys mod to play the game?

Nope. I believe he’s saying that he can’t download the models since he doesn’t own a legal copy of Garry’s Mod on Steam.

Anyways, nice models. A tad late since this has been done before, I think, but I’m glad to see someone not porting stupid low-res ragdolls over to GMod that nobody is going to use for more than 5 minutes. (<- model release forum)

Lukis, excellent pack.
Can you do the minecraft tools and weapons models in all materials (It only needs a simple model, doesnt need to be rigged or anything) im going to swep them.
Also, i can help you making working Minecraft sounds.

So many dumbs.

Minecraft in Garry’s Mod, the irony LOL.

Please don’t dumb me :smiley:

Dumbing you because what you said was dumb.

I like saying things.

BTW great addon :3

Could ya help a brotha out and make a skeleton model? :stuck_out_tongue: