Mcdonalds map not working

i downloaded the mcdonalds map ( but when i loaded it its full of purple and black dots and white lines, am i missing textures or is it just a bad map or something im doing wrong?
any help would be appreciated

You need CounterStrike: Source to see the textures for this map.

And Half Life 2 if you have the cracked or free version.

Are you still located in?

ITT: Eight year old doesn’t own counterstrike:source

That post was totally worth the bump.

get torrent online for free cs:s textures?
Otherwise get Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike Source.
Other maps can have episode 1 and 2 textures.

That map’s crap.

way better.
Go get css for $20 and get out

(User was banned for this post ("warez" - Lithifold))