McDonald's. Proud Sponsor of the 2011 Mortal Kombat Tournament.

And to further promote unhealthy shit…

Gimme dat C&C nigga.

What? No Fries?

Ate them shits on the train ride over.

Fries are sold seperately.*

  • Can be bought together with the ERMAC BURGER as part of the KOMBAT DELUXE BOX at $29.99. Includes 2x ERMAC BURGERS, 2x KOMBAT FRIES, ONE Drink of your choice (SHAO KAHN’S BLOODY MILKSHAKE or CYRAX’S SECRET MIX MILKSHAKE) and either ONE Johnny Cage ACTION FIGURE or ONE pack of SMOKE cigarettes.

I like how the ninja guy (I don’t know anything about Mortal Kombat) is forcing that guy to smoke that cigarette.

That’s the new Cancerality feature they put into the game.


LOL love the expression of the yellow guy on the first 1

Proud to see one Of My product in a Screenshoots

who is interested

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Those are nice ideas

Awesome. Pure bloody awesome.