McMissile's Funplace [Build, Fight, Fun]

Server Name: Missile’s Funplace
Server IP/Port:
Country/Location: East Coast, USA
Password: None
Gamemode(s): Sandbox

**The server is a small, 12 slot server based on the East Coast USA. We’re a laid back group of players and we try to keep restrictions light so you can all have fun :holy:

Our server has a bunch of mods that you can play with - Wire, Gcombat, GCX, SBEP, Parachute, Easy Precision, Multi Parent and a rather large assortment of weapons, just to name a few.
Despite that, we try to keep a limit on the amount of things that players are downloading whenever they join. For this reason, many of our wepaons are modified so they don’t have custom models or sounds. That way, you can get in the game and start playing without a 15 minute loading time.

We use the map freespace06_v2-1 because it offers a lot of things that maps like gm_flatgrass does not. For instance, it’s got plenty of building space, buildings to make forts in, a large skybox for flying vehicles bits of rugged terrain for suspension vehicles and water for boats and submarines.

The great thing about the server is the freedom we grant you. You can stage gcombat battles with other players, you can build forts, fight, or just build. The choice is yours. Come check us out sometime :slight_smile:

Might help a bit if you posted the IP address…


You’ll find the IP in the Game Monitor box at the end of the thread.

I’ve just updated the thread so it’s a little clearer :slight_smile:

the GameMonitor box wasn’t showing up for me. Thanks for posting the IP, anyways. I’ll check it out, sounds promising.

Ga! Gcombat after tasting ACF… Gcombat and PewPew are shit.

enlighten me as to what ACF is

Armored Combat Framework an actual Combat mod that have ammo on its weapons,Its still on beta.Its released somewhere but i think you need to request to use it on your own server.

When i mean ammo if your weapon runs out of ammo you need to “reload it”
Ammo is explosive regardless if its AP.

Its only in use on GGG server.