McTbone's Compilation v2: Unedited for the most part

Hello and welcome to my second compilation thread!
There aren’t alot of poses in this one, but I’d like to share these choice few with the community anyway!

I hope you enjoy the following poses I’ve made over the past months!

From the Espionage Wars thread, a shootout between TPRoT Operators and ATLAS soldiers.

“Ghost Stories” - My best screenshot, in my opinion.(And the one with the most pallets!)

“I need a corpsman!” - A picture of vietnam soldiers with mixed match weapons(Started it off as a series idea, but it died then and there after a few more poses)

Meanwhile on the other side of the ‘I need a corpsman’ map pose.

“Ready that bazooka, private.” - Yet another of my World War 2 poses that involves an oncoming enemy.

“Tiger Crew bails from their Tiger” - Made this and sent it to the ‘Edit my screenshot thread’, when no one edited it I decided to take matters into my own hands(And hopefully it paid off)

“L.A.P.D. checkpoint” - Some criminals must’ve got loose or something to see the LAPD frisking civilians in the LA metro tunnels.

“We need an airlift” - Angry Man reminded me of the good old days of plastic warfare, and I decided to make a pose of it.

That’s all for now, I hope you all enjoyed my poses!

Looking good man, I’ll add you on Steam so I can share ideas and what not with ya.

I like them.

I always liked the concept of the plastic army. Really good.


nice very cool i actually like the one with the guy with the axe with the FAL on his back