MCvsDC WonderWoman

here is wonderwoman from Mk vs Dc "put the zip in numbers cuz 2shared likes to make links with the name of the file and i dont like that >.>

shes got 23 flexs and 19 r free base no eyeposing have no idea how to do that :c jiggle bones and all that. if their r problems do tell and ill update. :smiley:



If this is legit, upload somewhere else OTHER THAN 2SHARE! I can’t download, I keep being directed to a survey page or other shit!

sry i made a new link now
and will never use 2shared again >.>


Damn she has massive tits.

Comic books, the bigger the tits, the stronger the woman.

Her tits could lift a car up I bet.


This is great, thanks so much. You totally deserve a tit fuck for this.

Awesome upload, but is her tits that big? Downloading anyways, it’s to hard to resist!

Never mind, i love her. I am praying for more.

holy shit look out its big tits Mgee

i guess it depends on the angle of which u view the tits but eh i guess they are :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t download

The file you try to access is temporarily unavailable.

upload in garry’s mod or rapidshare plz

is just a matter of time and someone will make a nude version of her just like alyx,zoey,faith,etc.

roland714, You think you could also port the other MK vs DC characters? I know S-Low already ported some of them but I think his ragdolls are stiff and yours are much more flexible. We could always use other Mortal Kombat characters like Kitana, Raiden etc. If you have the time and heart of course though, thanks.

aye i can only go so far but i can do em 4 atleast

Thank you so very much, really dude. I appreciate it

Lol i support borokman

Model is awesome. Cool how you figured out how to make it faceposable.

Would it be possible for you to do so of other S-Low models? Did you get it from S-Low or rip it yourself?

lets get sonya

Here is raiden 26flexs