MD5 lib thing in pure lua

So, I found this MD5 hash generator online thats pure lua. I made it work for gmod and I thought that someone might have some use for it so here.
This isn’t the best method as using vanillan* to get the ported md5 lib for lua will be faster, but if you need the hash calc on the client and the server or your host doesn’t allow you to have binary modules then pure lua is the best/only method (Screenshot)

I used it to hash the string “gmod” ( couldn’t think of anything )
outputs were the same on both pages
Just Load this and use the function md5.calc( input )

(NOTE) I do not own this, i just ported it to gmod using the bit library, the original can be found here:

*Not sure of spelling

Have you tested it a lot/at all? bit operations break up with 32 bit numbers in gmod, try^32,2^32) for example.

I have tested it somewhat, i’ll compare it to an online one and see how it works

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after comparing it to an online one, I can see that it does work, at least it accurately compares to the website