MD_Bonneville, a map of the Bonneville Salt Flats

I released this a few days ago on; it was surprisingly well-received, so I decided to make a thread for it here.

This map is a spiritual recreation of the Bonneville salt flats, location of the world’s land speed records. A mile long stretch of near perfectly flat, hard caked salt, this is the place where some of the most powerful machines were put to the test, all for the purpose of putting their name in the record books.

Needless to say, you can’t quite make a mile-long track in Source, but this is as close as you can get. The track runs diagonally across the map to maximize the available space, totaling out to approximately 2700 feet. Not quite a mile, but it does the trick. In addition to the track, there are three basic hangar bays for building purposes. Each one is areaportaled, so when the doors are closed nothing renders inside or out, depending on where you are.

This is designed to be used with ACF engines. If you don’t know what that is, here you go:

I’m aware it’s not my prettiest work, but I made it in a day, so what the hell. If you’re surprised at the map being so white, that’s because it’s a SALT lake. If anything, according to reference photos it should be damn near blue.

I am running the map on my server, along with ACF. - ACF - Faloti HQ

Without further ado, pictures:

Here are some of the racers:

Karbine, showing off his and Winston’s engine-powered record-setter:

I call it “Pencildick”:


From what i can see from the picture’s, It look’s terribly blocky and flat.
Better detail’s and not just block’s and some prop’s to make it less empty.

But if it’s your first map, Then it’s good.
Testing it in-game later.

The salt flats are flat?

yah, I can see the mountains from here, I see what you’re saying

If it’s supposed to be flat, then you may want to remove those mountains and hills in the 3D skybox.

And better texture’s.
Cause at first glance i thought it was a snow map.

I drove my first car on the Salt Flats! It’s mega fun and very awesome. It’s amazing the size of it.

First map?


As for the mountains, look at some pictures of the salt flats.

Looks pretty flat (as salt flats ought to) but I think the ground would be better off with a custom texture.

please GOD learn to use apostrophes

also, the map is own

Mine-Dog? What is this I don’t even…

neat map, btw.

This isn’t supposed to be a snow map? What the fuck is it then?

for those of you complaining, it’s how it looks:

Well, apart from the hangar, this map looks alright.

The hills are way too close in your map,
Almost looks like a valley

No shit, he has to take map size into consideration.

Custom skybox texture?
That would be hard, I admit.

It’s supposed to be flat.

justin’s clinically retarded, just ignore him.

Something about that sign looks great.

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I think it might be the way you clipped the base.

This map needs more pepper.