MDL Decompiler Error™

Everytime I try to decompile a model using the MDL Decompiler I get an error saying “Unable to load C:\users
ame\Desktop\model.vtx No Reference to Decompile.” I made sure to place this in my Source SDK bin and it still doesn’t work. I searched for some methods to fix this and I have come accross some other help forums suggesting that I use GCFScape with this to get it working. I already have the model on my desktop in its materials and models folders containing the VTFs and MDL files. I don’t know how I am going to use GCF on a materials and models folder. I have no idea what to do, I just need these converted. I am currently trying to convert Valve Models of any kind and all of them share the same error msg. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

You load the .mdl, not the .vtx.

When I load a model from a model pack, how do i know what textures go with what and how to apply them?

Depends on what model making program you are using.