MDL Loader for 3ds Max

It works in 2015-2017. Follow the install instructions and make sure you restart 3ds Max after you run the install script. And make sue you have the latest version of WW.

I get the same error using 2016.

The error message needs to be updated. But if you are running 2015+ it will work as long as you run the and restart 3ds Max after setting up WW. The plugin won’t load until after restarting 3ds Max. The readme file has been updated with the restart instructions (which was not part of WW before these updates).

Where is the download link for this plugin ? Can I import also CFS-2 mdl files ??? I need some planes.

This plugin works only on Source Engine MDL files. I have not tested it on any other format and it’s unlikely to work with any files that are not Source Engine MDL files.