MDL-OBJ-Converter Tutorial

How to convert *.mdl (Half-Life 2 3d model) file to *.obj file.

CRAFTY program
VTF2TGA program
BLENDER program
PYTHON 2.6.4 (do blendera)
GIMP 2.6 ( sometimes blender dont see alpha channel even you set alpha channel in options
in blender then you must use GIMP and add alpha channel to *.tga textures -it’s easy.)

1.Open CRAFTY program -load *.mdl model then export to *.obj
2.Copy *.vtf + *.vmt files to folder with VTF2TGA program
3.Open VTF2TGA program -enter -delete orginals -yes -now you have all textures
in tga format . (why tga? because they have Alpha channel and this is important)

  1. Open BLENDER -import- *.obj - separate objects in OBJ - by groups
    5.Now your model have groups ( why? because this is very easy to texture the model) the bottom you have option press F9 (editing) in LINK AND MATERIALS -VERTEX GROUPS
  • press small arrows you will see vertex groups that you have. one of vertex group - change to edit mode
    8.split area -in new window go to UV/Image editor -now you see unwraped UV map
    then press - image - open -choose *.tga texture -open image you see UV map and texture - ( press A to select all and G to move UV map and fit

perfectly UV map to texture. (if UV map dont fit then this is wrong texture -find and open

other texture )
10.change to object mode + change draw type to textured and then you see textures on your

11.Now in VERTEX GROUPS change to other vertex group and open others textures and fit them

to UV map - do this with all vertex group and you model will be fully textured then save .

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That’s one way to do it.

Yes of course.But this is the easysiest way - I think.

Decompile, import, export. Seems I just trumped your method.

Needs pictures.

Glad to know that someone else besides me likes to use Blender 3D. :3

Blender is the BEST program ever for UV mapping ,Unvraping,and is user frendly.
Only If you want put multiple materials on one mesh then I have little problem.


Well I dont know but this method I figure out by myself when I try add textures to some models

3ds Max, and a mdl decompiler and/or vtfedit that’s what i use, not like yours, (wall of programs)

How the heck do you decompile, and what do you do it with?

I use CRAFTY program you can find this program in Nem tools www page.
And then texture in blender and you have full textured character.

Decompiling will save the bones and weighting, meaning you can get straight into animating it without the need to re-rig it.

Yes you have right. But I want rig by myself :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. Well thats good and all, but what if we don’t have blender? And is there a link to said program?

I still think that Decompiling is way easier… You’ll have bones, a QC, physmodel and animations if available directly in the Mdl…

But what about the import into Blender after decompiling?

Last time I checked there were still a few issues with bone import (bones being only one-unit long, for one thing).

use mdldecompiler>smd>import smd in 3ds max>export as obj.
Textures are still assigned and aligned

Blender is FREE program and easy to find in net.


Yes you can decompile *.mdl file to *.smd file end import in blender.
(Blender have smd_import_blender_v01b scripts (use google) and you can import smd files.