Is that actually possible? And if it is, give me some tools links to do that. Any idea of converting Source engine files to 3DS Max will be appreciated.

Give Noesis a shot. It can convert dozens of model formats (including Source’s MDL files) into various other model formats (SMD, FBX, OBJ, DAE, et cetera).

Can it? Why i didnt thought about that… Thanks a lot!

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Dude, it really can. Thank you again!

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But i have another question, kinda offtop but still - why can’t i access to the search page?

Because only paying members of the forums can use the search function. Stupid, but that’s the way Garry’s set it up.

That’s not good, but thank you for reply.

get maya import ur mdl file export .fbx done -_-

thank you RTB!:downs: