mdl version 48

Is it possible to decompile/convert mdl version 48 to .obj as both the object viewer and mdldecompiler wont decompile/convert the model I want to decompile.
Is this an error, is there a way to fix this?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Open it in a hex editor and change the part that says “IDST” followed by either , 0 1 or 2 to “IDST,” and it should be able to be opened by anything that can open source MDL files.

As for decompiling, if these models were IDST0 they should decompile with the normal decompiler to SMDs (you’ll have to import the SMDs into a modelling program like Blender and export them as a .OBJ to get to that stage). However if they were IDST1 or above you will need the 0.41 decompiler to decompile them fully.