So I do not believe these are really causing any issues on any of my serves at the moment but it is just annoying looking at them.

Now I have completely deleted my counter strike source mount folder and re downloaded it and I have done anything else to it.
Is this something not to worry about and I just have to get over seeing that crap in the console or is there something I can do to actually fix all this?


SOLID_VPHYSICS stuff means the model doesn’t have a physics mesh and will be spawned as an effect or simply not solid, MDLCache is basically nothing afaik.

So basically just an annoyance in the server console :stuck_out_tongue:

If everything is properly mounted, then yes… it is just an annoyance.

I’ll be recompiling a lot of the models for V33 just to get rid of those errors, unless a new version of enginespew is out that can block them from appearing.

Yea everything is mounted fine and not having any issues, definitely would love to have something that though!