MDLDecompiler help please!!

Hi, I’m trying to extract models with MDLDecompiler from Episode 2. The problem is that a lot of models don’t load, and sometimes it’ll load the models and then crash. I am sure the problem is because MDLDecompiler was made for HL2, not Episode 1 or Episode 2. All HL2 models work fine and export fine. The problem must lie with the incompatibility. Can anyone please help me? I’ve extracted the models I need from the .gcf files, and then loaded in MDLDecompiler. Please help!!! Thanks.

Open the model in notepad and change the first line from “IDST0” to “IDST,”.

Okay, I’ve just tried that and it still doesn’t work. “Unable to load model”.

The two models I tried (Alyx_ep2 and vortigaunt_doctor) didn’t have “IDST0” in the first place. Alyx was already “IDST,” and the Vort was “IDST.”

Can I also please have a bit of help using the decompiled models? I am loading them into Blender using a fantastic HalfLife 2 .SMD importer (really really sorry that I forget to credit!! Forgot where they came from…) and it turns out that the models do not have face bones. How can I get face bones? thanks.

Also the eyes are white. Why is this? again, thank you!

face bones don’t exist

What? Then how do they work in GMod and more importantly, in the game? What an odd way of making a game…

And any help with MDLDecompiler is still very much needed, everyone!! Thanks.

Sorry for bumping this thread, but I really do need help please!! I want to get models like the buggy with bones in. The one I have at the moment is just a static. Other models I want are things like the Advisor (Unlike the HL2 one, the Episode 2 model has that weird creepy tongue thing), Vortigaunt Scientist, Dr. Magnusson, and so on. Please help me get MDLDecompiler working!!

Please someone. I am sorry to keep bumping the thread but I need help. Please help me so that I can stop bumping.

Your not bumping if it’s only been about 3 hours unless it’s being shoved downed by other stuff all your doing is double posting but anyways sorry can’t help you :saddowns:

Aah sorry. I mean to bump it so that I get answers, because it’s quite irritating when many models don’t load in MDLDecompiler. What’s annoying is they load in HalfLife2 Model Viewer, but of course when I export as .obj, the bone data is removed.

12 hours later, does anyone have some help?

24 hours later, can someone please help?


2 hours later, can someone help please?

4-5 hours later, can I please have some help now? Did I earn it yet?

EDIT: I am somehow sure that someone is going to quote the “Did I earn it yet?” and put “no”, or “not while you keep on nagging” blah blah. If you’re not going to help then please don’t post here.

what model is it you want decompield I will see if I can do it

Actually I’m wanting to do it myself, because there are many models I want to extract and it’s too much of a pain for others to continually extract them for me. But thanks anyway.

15 hours later. Can I have some help now please?

7 hours later, can I please have some help?

I’m not sure if that’s aimed at me repeatedly posting, or aimed at others who won’t help. Either way, I guess you missed the “If you’re not going to help, please don’t post here”.
So 12 hours later, may I get help now please?

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