MDLDecompiler help

For GOD’S SAKE I have been asking for MDLDecompiler help for FAR too long now, and NO-ONE has helped at all. I am giving up asking here because either people do not want to help me for some random reason, or the IQ of everyone here has dropped by 50 since I started asking for help.

NOW all I want to know is, where CAN I go for MDLDecompiler help. I cannot believe I have actually had to start a new thread about such a mundane topic, but I do because NO-ONE is even READING my old one. For the love of ALL THINGS HOLY, SOMEONE help me please.

I WANT TO KNOW WHERE I CAN GO FOR HELP. I don’t want help here with MDLDecompiler, because I KNOW I will not get it. Where CAN I go for this kind of help? Where is ANYONE going to lend a hand?

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If you are demanding, nobody will help you.

have you tried google?

You should have tried in an already existing thread with people who know a thing or two. Try the “models and skins pimpage thread”. Those guys know a lot when it comes to compiling/decompiling/rigging/modeling/skinning. I just hope they don’t get angry at me for directing you towards that thread. I don’t know much about MDLDecompiler so I can’t help you. Also from your other posts you seem very impatient and you’re giving up too easily. Be more descriptive and if you have to put up screenshots do so. I also suggest you find a way to get a copy of 3DS Max instead of using Blender.

Models and Skins Pimpage thread:

You really should of try google it first. The result can be found real easy. Just type studio compiler.

Don’t get mad over that no one is helping, it’s probably they haven’t notice or don’t know either.

As rusty said, show some pictures of some trouble your trying to decompile.

Okay I’ll have a look, thank you.

I do have 3DS MAX, but I much prefer Blender. Anyway that isn’t the problem, it’s the out-dated compiler.

Does StudioCompiler work with Episode 2 models? I’ll try it too, thank you.

Yes it works fine, but if you plan on decompiling it you need to change the heading on the mdl when you decompile it, i think someone in your first thread mention it before.

I didn’t think blender had any tool for source, what ver do you use?

I tried changing that header before but it didn’t work :frowning: Will it work with StudioCompiler?

I use .SMD plug-ins :smiley: