MDLViewer crashes when I open a model.

As the title says, Source SDK’s model viewer crashes when I load up a model.

The crash report says it’s caused by materialsystem.dll

Any ideas on how to fix this?

as far as I can tell, valve messed up the SDK and HLMV is crashing for some, not loading anything for others.

Normally I’d suggest verifying the integrity of the tool cache for the Source SDK, but that won’t do anything at this point in time. Valve managed to fuck the entire SDK up somehow, so it’s currently broken.

Jesus christ

So anyone had any luck after the big 200+mb SDK update?

try making a shortcut of the exe onto your desktop

it worked for me

Not yet. Same thing happens for me. It boots but loading any models results in nothing being rendered.

Ditto. That update didn’t really do anything from what I noticed.

To the SDK or HLMV? My issue is that I can run both, but HLMV renders a white screen - I’m assuming it’s something to do with a borked materialsystem.dll

you could use the l4d tools and model viewer, those seem to work fine

Yeah, i’m using the ones made for Nuclear Dawn. Those work as well.

I use the tools in the root of HL2
those work for me