Me again :) (server optimization help pleaseeee)

Hi all I am setting up a small Gmod server with a fair few mods nothing huge though.
I was hoping some one could assist me in making a config that will get the best out of my server.

The server its self is a dual CPU quad core with HT.
so 8 physical CPU`s.
16GB ram
etc etc

now I would say there will never be any more than 6 players on this server and its only a sandbox server. Building cars,guns etc etc.
Here is my upload and download speeds

I hear things like tickrate and all the other jargon lol but not realy sure what it means or what to do to improve stuff.

When some one spawns a dupe from the workshop I do see choke hit 50 for a second or two.
if some one wants a screen shot of the net_graph 4 info at different times of server up I can post this to :).

But just looking for a basic start point for now pretty please :).

Thanks in advance

Your primary optimisations will come from your code. You should learn how to code yourself to make your own content that will assuringly work best for your server. Also, there’s always going to be lag when a dupe is spawned – there is in single-player.

Hi code_gs
Thanks for replying.
Lol me code…no mate never gonna happen I’ve tryed but I truly can’t.
I model though and texture etc :).

I shall post up some net_graph pics when I’m next on server in different situations just out of interest.

Any way loving all the mods the gmod community produce u lot are code wizards…shame even the knobs creating back doors (I’ve posted in the latest thread my opinion on this) wasting there talent on hacks instead of real contribution and self gain.

Any who enough rambling on I’m sure I shall be around a lot more asking for help and hopefully be able to offer some help to u lot.

Any textureing or modeling hit me up though I’m busy looking after the kids etc but I’m happy to help

The polar choices for coders on a positive/negative moral spectrum does not range from making your server faster to putting backdoors in addons. The mindset of “I truly can’t” is fine if there’s someone else willing to put in the extra effort – monetarily incentivised or not, but if you are motivated enough to create an experience shaped to your liking, you have to put in some kind of effort. Now we will gladly help with answers that will assist in difficult concepts or motivating advice to explore the subject yourself, but no answer we can give will solve the issue.

tickrate is how many ticks per second the server will update the game. For GMod, this mainly relates to entity positioning and physics simulation. Most servers run 33-66 tick, however, with higher capacity servers that don’t require high amounts of simulation (RP), 20 can suit just fine, but don’t just lower it because you can. It should be a response to an issue after all methods of optimising code have been exhausted. cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate are two commands that track how many times the client updates and sends usercmds to the server, respectively, and can smooth out client experience.

There’s a good explanation of general networking and simulation for gaming here. It does relate to Overwatch, but almost all of the concepts apply to Source games.


I don’t normally give up but I truly have given programming a go but just could not grasp it.

Any who any modeling or textureing people want doing I’m more than willing to help.
thanks again

Lua really isn’t that hard to comprehend as long as you now how to use Algebra and have basic English skills. Try messing around with code and see what happens.