me and my cousin need help with hamachi and gmod

me and my cousin want to play garry’s mod through hamachi we are all connect and in a server but when we copy ip 4 address and paste it in console(with connect infront of course) it wont join we tried the same with ip 6 address he lives in virginia so idk if he too far away or so please help(ps i also have the server on 2 players at the time too

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oh i also live in california and he lives virginia

Ugh… Hamachi…

What internet provider do you have? I could help you port forward or look up a tutorial for port forwarding. Then you will not need hamachi.

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Also, don’t use your IPv4, go to this site and use the IP it says there:

ok um i don know my internet provider and just put the link for the turtorial of port forwarding please thank you

Just look on your router. And port forwarding is different depending on what router you have.