Me and my friend banned from the server... For what reason?

DE 18.9 PVP|Airdrop25+|No griefing|Noobfriendly|AntiCheat|NoWip

So if the owner of the server would mind telling me for what reason I got banned.
That would be much appreciated. Kind regards.

Are you able to log onto another server?

Why even care? Presumably the server admin didn’t like something you were doing, so find another server? There are literally hundreds of them now. Unless you know what you did and are worried…

Well I was asking to see if he could log onto another because if he couldn’t him and his friend were prolly caught hacking. Which in that case, yet screwed and no one here wants to hear it.

He links to his Steam account on his profile. That account is four years old, actively plays Rust, and has no VAC bans.

Do at least four seconds of research before posting.

also, i believe that yOhimba’s post was directed at the OP, not yourself:)

Hey Elix, chill dood. And really, stop taking yourself so serious