Me and my friends can't find each other... any tips?

Me and my friends, we are a group of 5, and we can’t find each other…
any tips?

Play the game more, learn the map and choose a landmark to meet at.

best way, is air drop, navigate using that then land markings

Find the road first. There are 5 main buildings in a circle: The Metal Hangar, The Factory (Giant smokestack), The Dual RadTown (By the Oil Tankers/Shore), The Center RadTown (Road going right through it) and The Big Metal Shack (In Between the Factory and Dual Radtown).

If you have the time take a few hours and circle the road at least five times. Once you learn where each of these buildings are located, you can use them as markers to find anyone based on what building they are near. After you master this head North (Sun rises in the East) and there is a vast majority of open land to build and hide from bandits.

You all need to settle on a map to use, it can take a while to get your bearings even with a map but once you do it makes all the difference.
The map that I prefer is here:

Type console : F1 and type in suicide, tell your firends to do the same until you eventually can meet up at a identifiable structure EX: Hanger

This is a good call as well, can be obnoxious especially if you’ve already started gathering but it certainly is effective.

Uh, I do the same as architect told. Just /suicide till you see a huge building or anything (not player made but the original one) and then tell your friend to keep on /suicideing till he sees it too.

That sounds kind of lame, the whole point of this game is to learn to survive and navigate.