Me And My Friend's Fun Creation's!

Hello Gmodder’s!

I’m new to this wonderful place! and i love Garrys mod!
i made a video of us creating cool gadget’s and my best friend creating ironman suits!
my friend’s creation’s are very very cool so i’dd like to share these with all you lovely people!

if you enjoy my video I’ve made Me And My Friend’s Creation’s 2! so if you have time i’dd love for you to watch that too!
Please enjoy and comment your thought’s on here or youtube

thank’s again! hope you have a lovely day/night!

Cool inventions dude. Try adding the “[video] youtube link here [/video]” tags next time so that the youtube video is displayed in garrys mod


thank’s my friend! i saw other’s do that i wasn’t sure how, if i post anything else ill do it that way, thanks! and thank you for liking the video!

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Thank’s a bunch my friend!

Your creation is what?

If you watched my video, my creation’s were the turrent and the rocket laucher!
and my friend’s creations were the iron mark I and the iron man mark II



Stop that right now.

are you on this forum to try and be funny?

Thank’s! rayss will need it :slight_smile: