Me and my team are getting DDos'd.


So, I would like to know how is it possible to obtain my team’s and my IP when playing a Rust server.

The thing is we raided a kid and now he has nothing. Since then, he started DDosing us. So, I would like to know what the possibilites so he can get our IP.

We’ve already restarted our router and tried logging in with another Steam accounts, but he still catches us and DDos us.

He only uses DDoS to my team (We are 6) and the server.

How does he gets our IPs?

Some kind of Steam ID resolver?
RCON password or he got it from an Admin? (I think this is not the option in this case, because he has been DDosing the server too)
Any way to get the IP from another players when they’re playing Rust?

Simply put, he looked at the logs and part of those included your IP. Hell most mods for tracking players log that and tie it to your name. If you get his IP Address, report it to his ISP. Just do a whois, and his IP address.

If none of your are technically able, call your ISP and ask them to put a monitor on you. This is standard practice for Time Warner, AT&T UVerse and even Comcast. They will identify the culprit and report them to their ISP. If it’s bad enough federal authorities get involved, but don’t get your hopes up here.

Hey, Thanks for the answer, the log you’re talking about, he just gets it from the command screen or what?

This is ridiculous. He just Ddosed me for 10 minutes and now I’m back replying to you.

You can change your ip as wells?

I think the in-game voice chat uses P2P instead of the traditional voice to server to client. That may be how he gets your IPs…

I kinda got the impression that kid was an admin on that server and would have access to the logs. That’s usually how this happens.

Like vachon says, unless he is an admin he probably got it through the in-game voice system as it uses Steam’s P2P voice chat. Pretty sure you can set up some simple filters on a program like Wireshark and filter out all the IPs coming through voice chat while in-game.

I don’t think your IP is revealed as long as you don’t use voice chat when within range of him.

Sadly you can’t really do much about it really. They aren’t going to start a huge investigation into some kid who probably paid a few dollars for a booter and also probably connects to the site through a proxy, because he DDOSed some guy for a few hours.

All you can do is try your best to protect your IP. If you rage in chat or add them on Steam and feed their precious ego, they will just keep going on their power trip, best thing to do is just not give them any kind of response and go make some food or something and they will get bored pretty fast.

There are kids like this everywhere (Especially in online games like Rust etc) who think they are a big dog because they can lag a server out or dc someone for 5 minutes.

(Back in the day our Gmod server got hit regularly by people using Sethhack being mad as they were manual banned after our anticheat picked them up, I found the worst thing you can do is give them any kind of attention to interact with them, because then it puts them in a position to make demands)