Me and Seth down in afghanistan.

and here are the originals

The 2nd shot reminded me of the Ed Norton in American History X.

Awesome editing man, although the laser in the second shot looks off.

Does Seth have his Metallica shirt on under that?

lol you bet

You sure like your random fog/smoke now don’t you?.. and Seth.

great editing!

Thats Awesome Really Good! But Theres Only One Thing Wrong On The 1st Picture the guy with the helmet has his left foot flat and in a real war the leg would be up which is a fact so it would be faster to get up and shoot when ready… but other than that the whole thing is epic

You and Seth are not soldiers.

Wow, honestly I’m supposed to care about you and Seth why exactly?

skin wars episode 5: the crappy beard edit strikes back

Nice edit, I like it.

I lol’d

It’s hardly even a personal skin picture. It’s mostly editing practice, and I’m testing out some head replacement editing. And other stuff… jeez!

I loved 'em both :3

You arent in it, also what the fuck “Me and Seth down in afghanistan.” That title needs a gaybow.

Regular poses with excessive dust, but it’s still good posing. :smiley:


I’m the guy with the helmet in the first pic

Nice editing. Next question, if Seth had his Metallica shirt, does he have the Ninja Star on his dogtags?

Use the rope tool to make a laser, much easier to edit afterwards :3

And i’m also surprised by the quality of these screenshots.

“Personal skins in a GOOD screenshot? /thread”