ME-City Lights and Hover Chase

Ive made this map for a movie but i decided i could make some pics with it

type “jpeg_quality 100” into the developer console before you take an image

then go into launch options on Steam and type in “jpeg_quality 140”

Ya know i thought i already did that tbh…the type in jpeg quality thing…do i have to do that every time before i take a pic or ?

you should make an autoexec.cfg for that.
create a .txt file in the cfg folder and write
the following in it:

exec “quality.cfg”

save the file as autoexec, close it and rename
the .txt to .cfg.
it should be now called:
now create the quality.txt file. here you can
write any commands you wish to improve
your quality such like: jpeg_quality 100
also rename the file type to .cfg

good lord, that lighting is terrible