Me (Henry Townshend from SH4)

Aight bros so I finally decided to port myself and put myself into GMod. This is my first eye rigged model and I think it came out pretty well. I have Breen hands so I can finger girls 'n shit. I am also more flexible, being as I have a citizen skeleton, also probably for sexually related reasons.

I also includes some bonuses because I love bonuses and you should too; otherwise fuck your shit because bonuses are rad to the max:

  • Health drink prop from Silent Hill: Homecoming
  • Radio prop from Silent Hill: Homecoming
  • Flashlight prop from Silent Hill: Homecoming (both on and off)
  • Weird body bag also from Silent Hill: Homecoming, though the shitty textures say it could have been in SH4.

There’s a pipe model (props_canal/mattpipe.mdl) in HL2 already so I didn’t bother porting one.

Here’s me holding a rocket launcher back when times were good

Oh yeah thanks to senoir bloocobalt and senoir chilean wolf for help with shit that was fucked up to the max dog

Pills here.

Nice release Henry, good job.

Nice job porting Henry, Henry.

Well done. I can see this one, er, you becoming quite a popular download.

Liking that flashlight model especially… thanks Dean/A big ass/henry whatever you want to be called

Good work Dean.

Do you really look like a drug addict?

so… Henry Townshend just made himself a yo-dawg meme? I’d call this rig artistic but in no way is this man handsome. He should get out of his apartment more.

Health Drink!

I was pissed when it was called Nutrition drink in SH4

Good god Henry is a giraffe!

Great job, man of little emotions!

What about Walter? D:

and what about James ?
Iam need James for my progect…
Help please…

I think harry is a cool guy, he posts fast and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Harry Mason eh

Have you seen a little girl? Short, black hair, just turned 7 last month? My daughter