me neeeds big help pleasse

i play gmod alot and i went on today and it was fine came back 2 hours later and it says something like my protocol is different to the client or something like that why is this happening?

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it says the server is using an older protocol than your client whatever that means, anyone know a fix?

I belive this means that the server your trying to connect to hasen’t been updated. I may be wrong

If you’re on Steam it should be updating.

If you’re not… well, you certainly didn’t acquire GMod legally.

Or you know maybe the server hasn’t updated yet.

Also don’t call your thread “me neeeds big help pleasse

i bought gmod like any other legal person and all of the servers i join come up with that error.

Yes, this just means that the server you are trying to join hasn’t been updated. Either find another server or bitch at the server owner.

Or see if Garrys Mod is set to update automatically. Go onto steam and right click on Garrys Mod then click on properties and go onto the Update tab and see if its set to update when it updates.

If it says that the server is using an older protocol, then it’s the server that needs to be updated, not the client.