Me recreating the Team Fortress medal page.

Don’t bitch about the leg going through his skirt, I can’t fix it in photoshop without it looking horrible, and the skirt isn’t rag dolled.


I have a question.

Is there a High Resolution Character or weapons pack? Where there symbols or gears and stuff are
good looking and… it’s hard to explain this…Like That High Resolution Sniper on FPSBanana?

Dead medic is dead.

rofl nice

I don’t like it, but that might be because I’m more a Heavy Editing Guy. Posing is nice.

Looks awesome

I actually didn’t even notice the leg going through soldier’s “skirt” until I looked at him like the third or so time. And when I read your “disclaimer”, i fist thought of medic.

It’s a good-looking scene, and I like the dangling medic a lot. It’s a bit too dark though (I seem to think that of a lot of pictures here)

Also, the angle of the soldier’s bent leg (angle outwards from the hip) seems odd… probably because I can’t see his crotch (that could be interpreted horribly wrong… so don’t)

[sp]I’m flattered by the mention by name :P. Lol, I’ve only been on these forums for about a week, and two days on screenshots[/sp]

I Really like the way you criticise things.

Enhanced maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
you didn’t have to make a new account due to the smallest spelling mistake.

Arch has taken the first steps towards the status of a Popular Facepunch User.

Yeah, you could have just asked Garry to put the N in.

Well I didn’t know that.


I actually had to turn up thee brightness on my comp to see this picture clearly, and it look great! The Soldier has always been my favourite class to play as and now you have even, Dare I say; “Enhanced” my Intrigue to play more TF2 seeing as I mostly play GMod now-a-days and this picture looks Great (Redundancy) and who cares about the Man Skirt it looks good even with extreme clipping! =D

can’t be, then my thread wouldn’t be dying… unless of course it really is bad, but nobody’s said so…

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just to not be completely off-topic, what do you mean by “Team Fortress medal page”?