Me V Advisor - Posing Contest

We were bored so we decided to do this. :c


alternate angle


Freeky posed this when he was hung over and still drinking alone at his computer because he is a party animal.


Seek chesty for confirmation

its true.

Yo that guy’s gonna break his gun. Then Blacklight is gonna shoot him in his face for being dumb. Freeky wins.

21:51 - Advisor: fuck i gotta take a dump
21:51 - Advisor: my ass is exploding, im farting like a fucking machine

Why is the zombie’s head so small?

Considering I have had about a litre of whiskey tonight I don’t think I am in any position to comment on someone else’s alchohol consumption.

Then again, at least I didn’t drink alone.

Can somebody tell me where I can find the model in the first picture? I’ve had no luck in finding it, since I don’t even know the name of it.

Blacklight models, you can find them on

Permission to edit the first picture, sir?

What is this.

do it.

freeky, your pose looks great. really dynamic, like the dude’s hauling arse. the setting doesn’t fit it; if you plonked him into a battered- or blown-open doorway busting into some crack den or enemy rathole, it would be fucking beautiful.

advisor’s reminds me of that one post crazy knife did years ago of the dude playing baseball with his m4 and a grenade. that is not really an ideal way to use your rifle as a cudgel, especially in this day and age. buttstroking is just that, although i guess it’s kind of hard with the original m4-type telescoping stocks.

wow thanks ross. i’ve been posing non stop trying to improve. as i can see from your comment it shows :smiley:

yeah, keep on like that.

also, if that’s a sig like it appears to be, you are a man of taste and decency. sig make some amazing pistols and if i manage to move somewhere with less retarded gun laws, i will immediately go about getting one.

of course, i’m still madly in love with both the 1911 and the hi-power, the latter of which i will get to use pretty soon and the former of which i have already put a few mags through.

it is a sig yes. a sig sauer p226 to be precise.
browning hi powers are just beautiful.

I personally find the M1911 to be the most attractive gun around. It’s so simple, yet beautiful.

holy fucking fuck.
tbh the only bad part of that is the muzzleflash which looks like sparks…

Wow, it wasn’t until I saw the edited version that I noticed the train track just suddenly stopping.


I’ve been experimenting with different muzzle flashes lately, trying to find the best looking one. I’ll check this one off, then.


Tell that to Valve.

I can’t decide which pose made me lol the most, that’s my contest