ME2 DLC mercs.

[release]**The Mercs from all of the ME2 DLC missions.



[release] CONTENTS:
All HL2 males with helmet bodygroups and one helmeted but headless model with a visor bodygroup, all with 5 skins.

The five skins are as follows:
Black Eclipse mercenary armor (Kasumi’s DLC)
Shadow Broker operative armor (Lair of the shadow broker DLC)
Batarian prison guard (Arrival DLC)
Project guard (Arrival DLC)
Generic blueish armor skin i made to fill up the 5th skingroup.

Wraithcat for the original merc models.
Bioware for the original models/textures/etc
Me for hexing them and porting the skins.

I love mercenaries. You can never have too many mercenaries.

Needless to say I love these models, the screenshots you took highlight their personality too, I pretend sometimes. Good job on the many bodygroups. Even if the skins aren’t terribly advanced, I do think that you’re a modelling god someimtes.

[offtop]can someone give me a link on ME2 weapons? (not from DLC) [/offtop]

There’s ME2 guns in Dtmech’s bigass model pack. And mechs.

COOOOL. Thank you for these.

Pretty awesome.

Oh hell yeah, you get a internet cookie for this awesome pack.

Much appreciated. =]

I’m missing head textures. Helmets and suits are working fine.

You might need the Enhanced Citizens pack for them, i thought the textures were included but obviously not.

Enhanced citizens are here:

I dont mind that im missing head textures since im not going to really use them anyway, but I spawn the one with the helmet and his faceplate is missing. I suppose I downloaded this wrong or the whole missing head texture issue is whats causing it.

The faceplate is a bodygroup, so you need the bodygroup changer tool.

Ah, I see then. Thank you that helps.

Awesome, simply awesome.

Astonishing work! I can’t wait to mess around with these.

Nice! i wanted the black suited eclipse merc for ages.

shame there were no female textures really. :frowning:

There were for the shadow broker mercs, but they’re heavy armor textures and don’t work on Haxxer’s ME1 female heavy armor ports.

I can try looking for them once I have a new machine, I guess.

Only the black Eclipse mercs are showing up in GMod. Any assistance to get the other three would be greatly appreciated.

Get the bodygroup changer tool then right click on them to cycle through the skins.