Me2 dragon knights

The dragon knight armour from mass effect.
Male and female versions included
Two different skins

pose by headshotter

That’s pretty cool!



Nice, nice.

Incredible job.


that looks fucking awesome

Blood Dragon Armor rules. I wish I had it :c
Awesome, gonna make some pics with it.

Heeeeeeeey i made one or two awesome poses while beta testing it too man :frowning:

None of a less hellyes it’s out :D!

Sorry. Should have asked if you wanted them strung up on the thread as well.

It’s okay :smiley: I still love you.

My day is complete yay!

Omg the alternate skin really is what I had hoped. The same thing but without the blood dragon.

I fucking love you.

wow, this is really nice. good job

Wow this looks fantastic…

That’s fucking amazing

They rigged? Someone gonna make 'em playermodels?

Could you possibly link this on filefront or somewhere elsthe gmod site is’nt liking me at the moment and not sure why.

For some reason… I can’t imagine being down.