Me2 Janissary and Asari spectre

Just the spectre from Liara’s Dlc and a recolour of the partisan to janissary colours
It’s the black white colour scheme, has a citizen head ports/partisan.jpg[/t]
[t] ports/nt_pissalley_ctg0002.jpg

I’m far too lazy to make a decent release picture

Looks cool, nice job!

Looks nice, Asari spectre will really come in handy.

Looks pretty well.

Nice models.
Looks good.

Great to see more various characters from ME

Thanks for this! I’ll make sure I torture Vasir for betraying me…

Your download link says it is damaged, can you fix it please? :slight_smile:

Where can i get the person in Ghost armor?

It’s a perskin

Generally speaking if you download a zip file and it’s corrupted, the error is in the download process not the upload process. Try downloading it a few times again until you get a working version.

No, it seems to be the upload. Even after four or five consecutive downloads, it still yields a corrupt 2.7 kb file. Maybe pop it on mediafire or something?

Bugger It used to work.

If there’s any missing textures drop me a line. I just sort of nabbed what I thought were the right textures for this.