ME2 - Miranda alternate outfit.

Miranda in her alternate outfit you get after completing her loyalty mission.

Credits to Cjay for porting the original miranda model and to Bioware for the original textures.



Well done.

Great job Floater!

Oh yeah.

Camel toe. :smug:

Bou Chika Bou Wow!

Needs way more phong to resemble the original.

Agreed. You need to brutally ramp on the phong and make it as broad as possible. Use a good specular texture for that imho.

God I always hated her face.

I’ll try cranking it up. I haven’t looked at how it looks in ME2 for a while so i was just trying to keep it reasonable.

Hey Floater, can you change her eye color to its usual blue? Or is that too much work/not possible?

Again, excellent job!

I’ll see if i can find the original eye textures, i used the ones Cjay used since i thought those were right.

I’ll make a V2 with more phong and blue eyes later after i figure out how much phong she has.

Very cool, much appreciated :slight_smile: The brownish eyes never looked right, unfortunately.

She actually really has a cameltoe?


Phong should be more like this perhaps. Increased the value.

“$phongexponent” “10”
“$phongboost” “5”[/img_thumb]

Phong should be more like this perhaps. Increased the value.

“$phongexponent” “10”
“$phongboost” “5”

Hey guys I noticed that cire 992 released the other miranda that had more work done.

Cjay’s is generally more technically sound. Mine looks a bit better and has the dlc armor and st skin, but has bugs, like the broken fingerposing. I guess it really depends on what you’re gonna do with the model.

multiple mirandas, awsome!