Mean Jean

This is my masterpiece. I spend a week making this, and even longer with the music. I really hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:

A week? Well. It wasn’t bad, and I did like it. You will improve in time, but good job man.

Better than your other efforts. But why do you insist on using player models? Real machinima is hard work, but the result is much more rewarding. Also improve on the dialog. The hotel and roof scene sounded like an argument between 14 year old’s. An artistic for the effort to improve.

Better than your previous videos tenfold. However, the voice acting was terrible for the main actor (Tried to have a cool-looking voice WITHOUT using a pitch changer = fail). Also, the music choice for a lot of the scenes was not that good. I’m assuming you used Garageband, judging by the first drum loop, but I can’t be sure. The music choice, although creative of you to use loops, was weird sometimes and alright others.

I’d give a 3/5, because you are getting a LOT better, but the video is pretty flawed. The story, although I was aware there was one, was quite difficult to follow. I also appreciated your use of catmull-rom cameras. Not enough people use that shit.

You are getting better. I may sound like I slammed you, but I am only trying to help :slight_smile:

They weren’t loops :frowning: They are drum beats that I made using reason 4.0, and I didn’t really need a pitch changer, because I made the movie around the main character’s voice :slight_smile: I do appreciate your review though.

Beats are generally the same thing as loops.

But, what I was trying to say about the pitch changer was that your character’s voice was a bit too high for the role (IN MY OPINION), so maybe throwing everything in Audacity before recording the voice and lowering the pitch to about -10 could have helped it. It was still fine nonetheless.

It was OK. I had no idea what the fuck was going on or why the dude did what he did- He deletes unwanted files without a computer? explain what that means, because it sounded retarded without an explanation. It was also pretty slow, both video and story wise. One other thing: Make the voice acting realistic-e.g.- The dude working at the hotel would not ask why the main character wants a room.

The music also seemed like it was from a 80’s P0rn movie

This is all to help you in future, so don’t get upset.

Better than your other videos.

The story is a bit hard to follow, okay camera movements, couldn’t hear that well on some parts, should try to put way more effort into this and try learning faceposer.

This was a satire right?

maybe :slight_smile:

Well it was very funny.