Meanwhile in pansaria..

if you’re going after Prince Travis, you’ll have to get past the royal guard. and watch out for their captain, Carl Reegar, that sword aint just for shows and i’ve heard it makes some pretty nasty holes in people.

Ouch the jpg quality. I quite like this though.

pain in the bum, aint it? :confused:

what file type would you recommend for better quality?

It’s look so smart.

reminds me of armed and dangerous

I like the style, nice job.

This is one of the few reasons only that I’d want to buy TF2.

Is Carl Reegar voiced by Adam Baldwin too?

who else? :smiley:

My first thought was Fable III.

is there a link for the un hexed ver. of that skin?

You have to go into your options in the left bar then change your JPG quality.

Kal Reegar?

thats actually what i thought of when i came up with that name

Nice job, I like the atmosphere

there was the steampunk team pack for TF2 on FPSbanana before they closed it.