Meat Puppet 1 From Psi Ops Help.

You see those lines (on the outside) when ever I move the arms and or any other part they strech the chest how do I fix this or can someone do this for me and the PM me it?

It needs to be a T-Pose.

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I think.

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There should be a T-Pose for the ingame ragdoll.

well the format is .w32 and thats a video file so idk.

Please Guys I really need you help.

What are the modifiers in the stack?
Skin and? As to those bones - did you add them yourself or were they in the model. If you added them yourself the most likely case is that the model is just plain badly rigged.

If you’re trying to bind pose the model for better result, it might be too hard for you to do, if your new to this.

well There is no modifiers atm and i did add the bones but when i had skin in the modifiers it fucked up so is anyone up for this?

I need this for CSS more than gmod but if you guys help it will also be for gmod guys come on andplease help will anyone do this?

Should I post this in the valve game section?

Hey I see you managed to port a model from psi-ops somehow? I never thought it was possible. anyways could you port Nick’s head with textures i need it for my personal skins. would you kindly?

More than likely but it wont be rigged. You have to give me a bit to install it again I am currently looking for the disk.

The heads are easy to rig manualy. just make sure that you give me textures ill be waiting

I’m here

Why? let me guess you want the MP1 model dont ya?