Just wondering if the cooked meat spam in combat for health is intentional or not?

Seems like it kinda takes some of the skill from melee combat, if you can just nom some meat and get all your health back.

Anyone else think it’s silly? Or just me?


As much as I like doing it, would be better if it made health rise gradually.

I made a thread about this before food munchers and I don’t know why but some people think it makes for good combat gameplay it is stupid and should increase gradually and no were near as much hp thats what medkits are for.

I think they are still working on the whole healing mechanic… e.g. medkits require low grade fuel not blood, clearly not finalised.

For the moment super-nutritious wolf meat seems to be the place-holder. Perhaps because animals are easy to kill at the moment it seems too good, but when they become more dangerous the meat will become scarcer.