Mech help!

i have never built a working mech, so facepunch, what advice or help can you offer me and all thoe novices out there?

Learn E2 and general wire stuff.

There’s a thread on here(somewhere) where Setze posted his Mech E2.

That mech looked like it used hoverballs >.> but it looks quite genuine as it jumped off.

First page, no less.

also, look at and for methods on how to build one without the e2.

Are you kidding me? In the video it looks nothing like a mech with hoverballs, much less when actually in game…

what i meant was that its body didn’t move up or down… lets be honest the jumping was quite unrealistic but then again i can’t use E2 to save my flaming live…

for more advice on mech start of with the walking then move onto everything else… it will be easier if you make a mistake than having a whole setup for legs that don’t work

You can make real muscles like in human legs by using pulleys attached from whatever point to a joint then to a hydraulic controlled slider that moves it and holy shit I just got a new idea

Hydraulic pulleys =O
That would allow creation of muscle type things and a bunch of stuff- yo can a coder make that plz?

Pulleys don’t work that way. They don’t move with contraptions - you’ll see that if you try to do it.

Wish garry would redo pully it would be such a good tool.

Couldn’t somebody else though im sure we have a talented enough scripted to make a better puley stool somewhere. Should post this in lua requests.

Also Garry has to much on his plate like tequilla and hookers.

Hoverballs =/= Applyforce. Although similar in principle they are different.

True, he’s made enough money so if he helps out it would be because hes a nice guy. I would say sliders need attention first tho, a downgrade to gmod9 sliders would work.

What was different with the gmod9 sliders? I don’t use them much.

If I remember correctly , gm9 sliders where fixed - you couldn’t rotate or move them like you can nowadays.
TBH I can’t really remember much of gmod 9