MECH help

i am making a thor mech from the mechwarrior series with the body complete i need help getting it to move and not fall down it

it is split into 5 main pieces| L/R arm , L/R leg , upper and lower torso
it already has weapons | GCX| - lrm12 , LBX20 and |MW4 tech| PPC
[R] [mouse 1] [mouse 2]

it has a cockpit and adv pod hooked up already

i will be uploading a saved game with the | mech intact | to
under the name combinealpha

Ps . a lot of props used u can delete some if needed

pss . the empty spaces where meant for life support generators and ammo storage for CDS weapons but canceled due to lag

Yeah sure kay add me on steam and I’ll help you.

ok i added you on steam