Mech Legs 301 - It's about time


Sestze: God amongst men.

can you please put one of them on because we all want the jetpack!

but it tells you how to in the tutorial, and has the chip there too…?

Why not build one?


Sapping my will to live.

:suicide: damnit i hate it, because i suck at life so you should release it :uhaul:

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i will try to make it, and when i fail miserably i will let you know.

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okay :suicide: i already fail at it. DOOOOO ITTTT!

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please release it for us idiots,sestze i am begging you.

Live Sestze, LIVE! Its awesome that your sharing all this with the Gmod community. If no one else will say it, then I will. Thanks dude.

Do you think it’s easy to make shit? Releasing the bare bottom of most of his mechs is a pretty kind thing to do.

I meant like, the base. Not props.

Not really the bare bottom, either. Those are all chips I use now.

I just tried the scratchpoint one. Couldn’t get it to walk. It would just spaz out when trying to move. The torso kept reseting to the same position as well. Not really sure what I’m doing wrong since the inputs were all so straight forward.

Yeah, I tried it aswell, it would just walk in place.

fuck the world then! just release one damnit. I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT! okay i need a basic knoledge of wire WHICH I DONT HAVE! FUCKING SHIT RELEASE IT!

Scratchpoint is pretty simple. You need to weld the chip to the base, and aim it forward w/r/t the mech. Name your feet models, and your torso models in the chip. Make sure they’re constrained to the rest of the body. Copy, paste, and type !reset.

Spazzing can arise from your hip weighing too little, your feet too much, your torso too much, the moon being in it’s third quadrant, and whether or not you sacrificed a goat this month.

Tigercat, I’m not releasing anything. All the tools are here.

Stop being such a massive faggot. The reason for Ses releasing these chips are so that people should be able to make their own mechs using them. The thread is not about him releasing mechs, it’s about the chips. It’s not even hard if you just watch the tutorial.

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tigercat2000, you are that woman. Sestze is Rick Harrison.

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Lol, all of them except for Peaches, yeah.

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To idiots requesting the mech saves: stop being lazy jackasses and build your own!